Are you considering starting your own white label adult webcam site?

Considering the rate at which adult webcams are growing (Adult Webcam Statistics page is here) and the fact that ever since the beginning of time men have paid to see women naked, it’s safe to say you’d be entering a part of the adult industry that is growing very rapidly. Basic instinctual behaviors will never change, it’s built into the nature of our species. So let’s discuss the adult webcam business and look at all the options for starting your own adult webcam site as well as discuss how much people are making with adult webcam sites.

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Comparison of the best white label adult webcam programs including AWE, pussycash, VideoSecrets, chaturbate, and bongacash!
Comparison of the best white label adult webcam programs including AWE, pussycash, VideoSecrets, chaturbate, and bongacash!

Comparison of White Label Adult Webcam Programs

It’s really not rocket science to determine that considerable incomes are being made with adult webcam businesses. These days the main players in the industry have made it possible for webmasters to act like puppeteers and perform all the internet marketing functions and take home a large piece of the pie. Best of all they don’t have to participate in any of the adult related things likes – instead they direct traffic! Also noteworthy is that fact that while one would think the portion would be shrinking that is paid to internet marketers; truth be told there is an increase occurring due to the fact that the industry is rapidly becoming more competitive as far as finding those good traffic streams and talented webmasters.

(UPDATED FEBRUARY 14th 2015) – In 2015 we have experienced the best way to start your own adult sex cams site is using the AWE program. It simply converts the best and past the most. Based on volume you earn up to $300 per signup. Register 20 in a month and make around $6,000.00 working from home. You can get started here.

What sort of compensation can you expect running a white label adult cam site?

how much can you make with adult webcams
If you had any doubt before look at this 2 weeks earnings chart of top webmasters with AWE Adult Webcam white label program.

Typically you should try to get 30% of all revenues and most of the top programs are offering that. So if you have 400 people a month signed up who regularly spend just $50.00 per month that is $20,000 in revenue which means your cut is $6,000.00. That is residual though $6,000.00 per month which is clearly a lot of money and very good living wage. Once you reach that very attainable goal you can choose to invest more of the money back into your business and grow your monthly users a lot faster as well. Some webmasters are making well over 30,000 a month right now promoting adult webcams. That’s an annual salary of course that just the top dogs are reaching but it’s simple math to see that this means their taking away $360,000.00 a year.

So we all start at the bottom when we undertake a new venture and so I just want to share some quick tips before I move into the specific program links, info, and referrals.

TIP: Do not get hung up on percentages though, remember to think about conversions and dollars spent per sign-up, per month. That is the ticket to growing your business as fast as possible. REMEMBER, spend money to make money but measure your results with each ad! This is where many webmasters go wrong with white label adult webcam programs. Some of the lower performing programs might advertise an extra 5% of revenue but if your conversion is just 10% lower your losing out on more profits! (Hence your ROI is dropping) and as things get more competitive you want to run your adult webcam business wisely. Like any business, you must think about it in way that asks, not how can I make money but how can I make the most money and then invest those profits to make the most money. Business 101 aside let’s talk about the programs.

Before we do though let me give you a little road map to testing best White Label Adult Webcam Programs out.

How to make money with adult webcams

Here is how I suggest each and every one of you do it. First 5 niches. Then hammer out those 5 exacts domains. Put together a link-building strategy and ad campaign then register your domains. Once you have done that register for each of these following 5 adult webcam white label programs. Don’t trust anyones advice online, invest two months into running 1 site on all 5 of these programs. See the results for yourself. You stand to gain a better understanding of the business as a whole as well as the strings and weaknesses of each program by following this advice. There is no such thing as a best program anyway, they are all different. I have listed below all the main white label adult cam programs that we have worked with and all of them, under the right circumstances perform well.

Also, a common question I get is which adult webcam programs shave, as in which ones do not credit you for all your sales. Sure, it’s a very valid concern and let me give you my own opinion. I honestly do not think any of them do this. Think about it for a second as a business person. Why would an otherwise successful business risk their entire enterprise over screwing a webmaster over? The world maybe big but the internet marketing community in each niche is fairly small my friends. Word travels in hours and when a program goes rogue, within weeks their business starts to suffer. We trust and can feel good about referring you to all the following white label adult webcam programs.

Comparison of White Label Adult Webcam Programs


1.- LiveJasmine / Jasmin – AWE white label adult cam program – REGISTER HERE

awe white label program
King of the hill.

One of the largest, most versatile and highest paying white label adult cam programs in the entire industry. 30% and up depending on what volume you are registering this is our king of kings and a MUST promote program if your serious about making a living promoting adult webcams. Who cares about 1 time payouts. revenue share is all I will be discussing here as that is the secret to making the most in the adult webcam business. They also have a tier program that destroys all other programs when it comes to referring webmasters and a cookie that last longer than most. If there is a program that really values the work of its webmasters it’s these two top white label adult webcam programs. Also if you reach a certain level the 30% rev share goes up to 35%! REGISTER HERE.

A very solid and versatile program.
A very solid and versatile program.

2. PussyCash / WebcamWiz white label adult cam program

signup buttonThe webcam wiz adult webcam white label program is a great program for getting your sites ranked within Google for special niches and fetishes. Perhaps the majority of your business in the adult cam business is focusing on proven winning and converting niches but the other maybe getting some exploratory niche sites up with the intent to rank them for more organic traffic over those sites you will buy adult ads for. This is what we REALLY like about this program. It converts and the checks roll in each month on time. Proven payer!

3. Flirt4Free / Videos secrets white label adult cam program

Videos secrets white label adult cam program
Unproven, ranks low on our list

The Videos secrets white label adult cam program is a very cosmetically appealing site that we can suggest! UPDATE: Flirt4Free White Label Program is actually doing better for us right now than any other program! I strongly suggest you do my 4 site strategy. Sign up at these links and register for each program. Try them out and learn from using all the programs. You’ll be a stronger internet marketer for adult webcams, as a direct result of following that advice.

4. Chaturbate white label adult cam program – UPDATE: Chaturbate White label is very low performing

chaturbate white label program reviews
Lower earner but high sign-up ratio.

So the less traditional cam sites are not ones you want to ignore. Sure they seem a bit chaotic and your hunch is right that the average spend is less on these sites but the signup ratios are quite high. That can mean big payouts down the line if they continue to grow and become mainstays go-to sites. Slut Roulette white label adult cam program is a suggested while label adult cam program for that reason.

5. BongaCams white label adult cam program (BongaCash) – (Update – We would also suggest stearing clear of this program as well. Stick with the top 3 for the best conversions!)

BongaCams white label program
Might be a hidden value and wise play.

BongaCams white label adult cam program operated under BongaCash may not pay as high in percentage but the conversion ratio we have noted as being quite high and the white label solutions are fresh and new looking which means as effective internet marketing professional you may have luck ranking and building  a solid brand with them!

I HIGHLY SUGGEST you read my article titled, ‘How to make money promoting live adult cams‘. As I state their, you can make more money using affiliate programs often because consumers want to join a well-known brand which they can research and build trust in based on thousands of reviews; adult cam sites that are trusted by thousands of others already is critical to converting traffic. That being said, Streamate offers the best converting live cam affiliate program which you can sign up for here. – Join SexTracker MoneyTree