Flirt4Free shares that a, ‘Super-Whale Spends $57,000 in One Day!’

Flirt4Free shares that a, ‘Super-Whale Spends $57,000 in One Day!’
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Adult cam site flirt4free sets a new record for biggest single day spender!
Adult cam site flirt4free sets a new record for biggest single day spender!

Flirt4Free one of the leading adult webcam affiliate programs is sharing some impressive news with their network of thousands of affiliates. They issued the following email to promoters of their popular live cam site for adults which shares the fact that there are some HUGE spenders in the world of adult cams.

This new blast email gives affiliate marketers of adult cam sites some real inspiration to work that much harder when they realize there is a possibility of landing what is referred to in the adult cam industry as a, ‘whale’. Specifically, a ‘whale’ is nothing more than a big spender. Someone that typically outspends other customers by a 10-to-1 ratio will earn that nickname in the adult webcam industry.

Considering the fact that on adult cam sites the webmasters who attract a customer to sign is paid anywhere from 20-30% depending on their total sales volume they bring into a particular adult webcam site a ‘whale’ can produce a large windfall in a really short period of time.

According to annual rankings of the top adult webcam sites, ranks in the top 3 live cam sites and has been growing in popularity year over year.

Here is the email sharing the news of a new top spender on Flirt4Free.

By the way, you can register as a customer to try out here. Of course we would love it if you can become a whale! 🙂

We recently had a super-whale spend over $57,000 on site credits in one day, setting a new Flirt4Free record for single day spending by a single user.

This VIP customer had an active weekend, making major purchases on Saturday and spending more than $57,000 before noon on Sunday. By the end of the weekend, all credits had been spent on his favorite model resulting in a record of more than 700,000 credits earned by one model in a day. He has not stopped spending either – the $57,000 was just a fraction of what this super-whale has spent over the past six months.

Catering to the needs of high-caliber customers is not new to Flirt4Free. The quality of the experience, attention to detail and exceptional performers attract customers who appreciate high-end service.

Likewise, if you want to share this way to make money promoting adult webcams you too can register as an affiliate with Flirt4Free here and start making money from your traffic.

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