How many people use Adult Webcam Sites?

How many people use Adult Webcam Sites?
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Adult webcam statistics

Adult webcam usage statistics are very difficult to determine for one reason and one reason alone. The companies that own and operate the largest adult webcam sites are close-lipped about earnings and as private companies they have the right to be.

adult webcam statisticsTherefore, Alexa statistics and other methods of on-page analytics are the best alternative way to determine adult webcam stats and measure their adoption and popularity. As a part of that process, you also have to take a close look at the adult industry as a whole and measure time spent on sites that offer free tubes, paid porn, and cams all in one place. Moreover, you also have to account for sites like who also offers adult webcams with their adult dating sites. (links to adult dating site reviews). We did our best at doing that and we will continue in that effort as we uncover more data and resources as it relates to compiling the most accurate adult webcam statistics.

How many people use Adult Webcam Sites?

Here is what we have so far….

  • 1 in every 5 web searches is for adult related content. As search engines index more adult webcam sites since there is growing interest and user-ship, which has also lead to more sites; in turn usage will be influenced by availability.
  • Industry estimates expect that mobile adult content will reach just shy of 3 billion US Dollars by the end of 2015. A large part of that growth will be spurred by the increased adoption of live adult webcams.
  • In the last year over 2 billion adult queries were placed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other global search engines.
  • The Porn Industry as a whole generates in excess of 13 billion US dollars annually.
  • Currently the Internet Porn portion of the entire adult industry generates over 3 billion US dollars each year. Analysts have estimated that 20% of that is estimated to be generated by Adult Webcams usage.
  • Since 2007 global porn revenues declined by more than half due to free porn tubes. The re-invigoration of the porn industry as a whole is directly attributable to the proliferation of new live adult cam shows.
  • Those that are 18-24 historically have been the largest consumers of subscription based porn sites but as those have declined with the rise of free porn tubes, adult webcams have become popular with not just this age brack but also those who are 30-38 and most frequently male.
  • 70 percent of all pay-per-view content online is adult in nature. Adult webcams account for an estimated 7% of that but that number is rising.
  • A full quarter of the U.S population of 25% of people have adult content saved on their mobile devices.
  • Mobile adult cams, which go hand in hand with adult porn consumption are also expected  to rise substantially over coming years. (*Varied statistics make this number hard to pin down, until we have better numbers we are not reporting on a a statistic for this but just noting it as a clear trend.)

Check back for regulate updates. As more adult webcam usage statistics become available we will update.



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