How to Become a Cam Girl YouTube Video – Part 1 – Getting Started!

How to Become a Cam Girl YouTube Video – Part 1 – Getting Started!
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This is going to be part of a 3 part series intended to give a female perspective from a cam model sharing first hand the process of getting started as an internet model aka a cam girl.

The first installment of this series we are calling: Getting Started

Learn what's involved.
Learn what’s involved.

Getting Started as a webcam model

Become a Cam Girl YouTube Video

Finally a video that addresses right at the outset the REAL concerns and considerations one must make. Only after you consider these things and only if you are comfortable with these elements should you move forward. As you do though you also need to pay close attention to the small steps and the rules of camming in order to be successful. Over the next few weeks we will update this video tutorial series on being an adult webcam model. Things like having the right equipment or the best possible camera are critically important as are how you approach your lives shows. We will go through all the elements with you as well as link you to the best programs for making the most money. With all that being said below I have posted the all important best programs. You will want to take about 15 minutes to get these steps out-of-the-way now. First is the actual webcam model application and clearly that one is critical to get started. However, do not overlook the 2 and perhaps the most rewarding, 3rd program to get registered for. This affiliate program enables you to tweet, share, and post links to your social media accounts and get paid for life (25%) from what users spend on the entire site. If enough men sign up for your affiliate link you may not even need to do shows. Lots of models overlook this income potential but it’s foolish to do so.

The 3 links that you will need to make money from the 3 different income streams:

a. Sign-up to model on the top adult webcam sites here. (learn more about why we suggest this site as the best overall place to adult model here.)

b. Get paid for registrations via the affiliate program to the top adult cam site. Register for the affiliate program here.


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