livecam.adultfriendfinder Reviews & Our favorite model!

livecam.adultfriendfinder Reviews & Our favorite model!
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How does stack up?

Scam or safe? Find out here..
Scam or safe? Find out here..

Today we are sharing our reviews of the adultfriendfinder live webcams site, not to be mistaken with the dating site! Learn more about costs, features, & if this site is scam?!

First off, I just have to share one of our favorite models before I delve head-first into the various different elements of using this particular live webcams site. That favorite models name is, ‘Playfully‘. She is a very popular live webcam model on adult webcams site and this model is in many ways symbolic of the sexy cam girls that you will find at this site!

For those of you who have never tried the dating site side of this site it’s the largest casual sex related dating site in the world. However, some people do not realize that also offers live webcams.

How it works and WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Once you join the dating portion of the site you get a free pitch in your email to try the cams. However, while it is NOT necessarily a bad thing you can also just use the cam site independent of the dating site because the webcams portion is actually a white label version of That is right, the parent company of dating site is Friendfinder networks. FriendFinder networks operates Medley, which is a group of some of the largest dating sites in existence. They offer much more than adult dating sites, they actually operate some of the most active dating sites across all different niches in addition to sex cam sites. Sites like PerfectMatch and even some religious dating sites are operated by the same company.

However, what YOU NEED TO KNOW is that is also one of their sites. You can register and join without joining the dating site. You also do not have to use a credit card to try the chat portion. However, like all adult webcams sites you REALLY do have to fork over some cash for the full benefits. Since both sites offer the EXACT SAME ADULT CAM SITE, this review of is REALLY A REVIEW OF!

Is it worth joining? (REVEALING THE REAL COSTS)

  1. For the full dating site you end up paying about 24.00 per month. In most U.S. cities you will see a few hundred fairly active females. Yes, more men are here than women but for a casual sex dating site the odds are still better at than 90% of other adult dating sites; most of which are scams!
  2.  If you bypass the dating site and just join, you do not get access to the dating profiles but you save $24.00 per month. That money can then be spent on adult webcam shows. You can expect to pay between $2.00 to $3.50 per minute for the live shows. They accept all major credit cards and there is NO MEMBERSHIP FEES for Overall it’s a solid site. The billing shows up in a way that looks like a banking fees so is a very secure, safe, and private.

The scoop on adultfriendfinder live webcams (FEATURES)

  • Zoom: One of the most popular features of this sex cam site is called zoom and it gives you ability to use your mouse to zero in on the adult model as she performs various sex acts.
  • Pay as you go: or AdultFriendFinder live cams which is again the SAME EXACT SITE when it comes to the cams portion, it’s all operated under an organization called Steamray. Anyway, when using the cam side of these two sites you buy credits. If you calculate the REAL COSTS of using the cams it ends up being again between 2 and 3 dollars. Overall that is fairly average compared to other adult webcam sites.
  • Selection: You will find the 3rd largest selection here. The other two adult webcam sites with a larger selection are Streamate and LiveJasmin. However, these sites do not offer dating so if you like the dating element being offered with live adult webcams than adultfriendfinder is a better option for you.
  • Payment types accepted: All major credit cards are accepted when buying credits.
playfully takes booty to a whole new level!
playfully takes booty to a whole new level! CLICK TO SEE HER WEBCAM!

Anyway, if you decide to give this cam site a try, make sure to check out Playfully, who is again one of our favorite models on the adultfriendfinder live webcams site. Playfully, as you can see in the image below, is an ass fetish cam girl who is well in tune with getting notices by men who like big butts!

Anyway, I hope our adultfriendfinder live webcam reviews helps you make a more informed decision. You can also check our our list of the best live webcam sites here.