Youjizzlive adult sex cams reviews and FAQ

Youjizzlive adult sex cams reviews and FAQ
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Welcome to our youjizzlive adult sex cams reviews and FAQ

Background: youjizzlive while still a vastly popular porn tube type site it is not as well trafficked as YouPornMate (review at link) or RedTubeLive (review at link) on the live adult cam side of things. They are though still ranked in the top 1,000 or so adult sites in the world.  YouJizz enjoyed a huge burst of popularity a few years back around the time adult cam sites really started to catch on and thousands of men each month use the YouJizz adult webcams portion of their site. As far as YouJizz itself the site makes a considerable sum of money from two streams. A. Advertising to adult sites. B. Advertising to it’s own white label adult cams. We’ll get more to that part below.  According to Alexa earlier this year their was a bit of a steep drop in usership of the porn tube portion of YouJizz but our hunch is that if the law of averages holds that theYouJizz live cams are still growing in popularity. Live nude cams is afterall where it is really at these days in the adult webcam industry. Here is a screenshot of the YouJizzLive adult cams site.


What is is?

Same drill here folks meaning nearly all adult cams share some fundamental things. These things are searching by age, region, height, weight, hair color and adult cam fetishes are possible; on the youjizzlive site they are located along the left portion of the page. YouJizzLive also has over 11,000 / eleven thousand modes site wide over which a few hundred tend to be on at once. Prices are set by the models for private chat and that range is 2-4 bucks a minute. However, to join this adult cam site just like the vast majority of them it is free and it is also free to chat in the public session. Private chats is how they keep the lights on and most men will go into private chats once they get a feel for the site and realize it’s a trustworthy platform.

How does it work?

Age verification is done easily with any major credit card and once that is one file it makes it easy to have private chats billed you. It shows on your statement in way that nobody can tell what it is so your not going to have to explain why you were on adult cams. Lastly though the important thing to realize is that when you signup at YouJizzLive what you are really joining is Streamate by Mtree and that this YouJizzLive site is simply a white label adult webcam site. So just as a matter of full disclosure that is the down-low.

What do we think of youjizzlive / Our conclusion:

Did you realize that this site is a copy! (the streamate reviews

Like YouPornMate or RedTubelive, youjizzlive is a fine site but what they ALL share is that they really are just streamate sites. Therefore, it sort  of begs the question why not join the base site and use your login and username on all adult webcam sites that are streamate site. I mean you can easily tell from looking at them which sites are streamate sites and so when you run across a streamate adult cam site you can just use the same username and login and not hassle with new usernames and passwords for each site. Make sense? I thought so. Anyway, I would totally suggest joining streamate either way and giving it a try if your new to adult webcams.

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