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Your ultimate resource to find the top sex cams sites on the internet. We have been using adult webcams for more than 10 years.

That’s right we have been at this more than a decade now. We have witnessed first hand this online adult entertainment industry grow to be what it is today; the largest segment of adult entertainment overall. Sex tech, adult webcams, adult V.R., and sex online is all the rage these days.

The sites that power it all are adult cams aka cam sites for adults. Our role in the adult cams industry is researching all the top adult cam sites and then writing impartial cam site reviews.

Now that adult live webcam chat is available on mobile phones it has become so popular and widely used that many would say it’s mainstream.

There is also now an entire industry behind content from cam girls that it’s replacing what we used to think of as being ‘porn’.

Moreover, recorded porn is becoming novelty unless it’s that which is primarily produced first for online distribution. More and more the first distribution of adult content is being filmed and streamed live!

This is when adult content typically has the most value. That is because people are excited by watching live sex. It’s not complex.

Let us show you the way through the maze called, ‘adult webcams sites’

OUR ROLE: Comparing Adult Webcam Sites

We explain how all the most used and most visited live adult chat sites differ.

We focus on only adult chat sites that offer live sex webcams and private 1-on-1 adult webcams shows. 

Short and simple, this is exactly what we do. Before we get too far ahead please read our 18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statementprivacy policyterms of use, and our earnings disclaimer. We are big on transparency and security and when it comes to using adult webcams safely and legally; and you should be as well.

Format of Adult Cam Site Reviews

First off we have compared all the best cam sites within each segment of the adult cams market.

This means we took all the cam sites and first wrote out a monster list. We took all the live sex webcam sites in the world and then first checked to see which ones got the most traffic and which ones had the most return visitors.

Then we broke these adult webcams sites into categories. Niche adult webcams sites have their own comparison pages such as Asian girls cam sitesFetish live cam sitesGay webcamsShemale webcams websites, and Live Sex Sites.

Since tons of cam sites just throw it all at you at once we also took a cumulative view and assembled a table to compare the top cam sites. From there we wrote our own Cam Site Reviewsbased on our own experiences.

What really stands out though? We allow users and visitors to rank all the adult webcams sites and we display aggregate adult cams reviews averages for all the most visited adult webcams websites. Thus you the users have determined the Top Cam Sites!

Any questions? No problem. Just use the contact form here.

We are a professional review site that receives compensation from the companies whose services we review. We test each site thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best.

We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own.

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