webcam sites that pay models the most

Top 3 Best Paying Webcam Sites

We share webcam sites that pay models the most. Make more money as a nude internet model with these best paying webcam sites. Working as a cam girl naked on cams is a lot tougher than it looks and any cam girl who has at least 1 month’s experience can vouch for that.

Which webcam sites pay cam girls the most? Let’s take a deeper look.

As a matter of fact, contrary to what you may read on the internet, not even 50% of cam models make a full-time wage. However, the top 1% of cam girls do make a very good living; often in the 6 figures. Just how much can depend on many factors. The truth is top cam girls get successful because they learn to market themselves online and get lots of traffic.

Part of doing that is also being quite good at social media. If you have what it takes one the most critical factors is started at the right cam site; the cam sites that pay models the most!

List of Sites That Pay Cam Girls the Most

What to look for in Good Internet Modeling Jobs

The bottom line you want loads of traffic in your room and a high split. Finding both is tough. This is why many cam girls will produce their own traffic and opt for higher splits. This also explains why the Chaturbate (reviews at that link) and Flirt4Free (reviews at that link) as well as other sites that pay models more are becoming more and more popular.

Many new cam sites following a similar business model that pay affiliates less but pay the models more are starting to come online over the past few years and fewer of the true premium cam sites like Streamate (reviews at that link) and LiveJasmin (reviews at that link) are able to compete.

These latter two cam sites pay models less but they provide a plethora of traffic ready to go live and they often are great cam sites to model on when you first start. We suggest you choose 3 or 4 and try them over a few months to develop a good strategy, and also for as much social media promotion from the cam sites themselves via Twitter.

Cam Modeling Sites That Pay Cam Girls the Most

Internet modeling jobs are not created equal. Some are scams and others take advantage of naive new cam girls. I-CAMZ is one of these scams that takes an unfair split and there are a number of others. Below is a list of the top cam sites for cam models.

  1. Streamate cam model signup is here. (This cam site appears to get the most traffic of all and while the percentage they pay to cam models is low you have loads of privacy settings and the traffic is REALLY GOOD.
  2. LiveJasmin cam model registration is here.
  3. How to be a cam model on Flirt4Free? This is how.
  4. ImLive modeling registration is here.
  5. Becoming a model on Chaturbate is easy as well. Register here. (This cam site pays the models the highest percent but the fact is the whole site is totally nude and free and open to all. Very little privacy and control over your shows….and less traffic.

This is a list of the top cam sites for cam models which has the webcam sites that pay models the most along with links to register as a cam model for each site.

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